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Welcome to So Mote It Be, the Online Masonic Regalia shop, bringing you the best Masonic products and gifts available online. We list the very best Masonic regalia, clothing, jewellery and gifts for Freemasons. Browse through our catalogue and buy online via our partners’ websites. Whether you are new to Freemasonry or have been a member for years, we are confident that we have products that may interest you. Please browse through our product categories.

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Masonic T-Shirts

We now offer a range of Masonic T-Shirts, featuring our own designs and other Freemason T-Shirts available by other clothing brands. Please take a look at our products.

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Masonic Jewels

Wide range of Masonic Jewels available for the main orders in the UK.

Masonic Aprons

Wide range of Masonic Aprons available for the main orders in the UK.

Masonic Gloves

Wide range of Masonic Gloves available for the main orders in the UK.

Regalia Cases

We offer a range of regalia cases, standard sizes and grand cases, we also offer KT cases.

Masonic Books & Publications

If you are an avid reader and like to learn more about Freemasonry, this category is for you.

Masonic Gifts & Accessories

Wide range of accessories including rings, tie pins, cuff links, pin badges etc...

Our Best Sellers

Our best selling Masonic Regalia and Masonic Products tend to be those within the Craft Freemasonry Regalia category, this is purely due to every Freemason in the UK being relevant to these products. If you would like to view our best sellers please click on their individual button’s to learn more about each individual product below.

Masonic Regalia

When people think of the Freemasons there are a few images that tend to stick in the mind, their black briefcases (regalia cases), their dark suits and especially the masonic regalia they wear, masonic aprons in particular. But why do Freemasons wear regalia?

Masonic regalia plays an important part in Freemasons ceremonies and also helps to distinguish members different ranks in the fraternity and which masonic appendant body or side order they are a member of.

Masonic Regalia is usually only worn during a Freemasons meeting, however it may also be worn on special occasions, one example would be remembrance day. In the past it was much more common to see masonic regalia worn out in public.

Since Freemasonrys’ inception in 1717 in London, masonic regalia has evolved into its modern form, wehere in the past aprons in particular were made be each individual Freemason, giving them the freedom to adorn their own apron with masonic symbols how they saw fit, there was no constancy which lead to some fantastic examples of early aprons, some of which can be seen at the museum at UGLE in London.

These days, the design of masonic regalia has a set of standard designs, to help identify each individual Freemasons’ progress within the organisation. Here at So Mote It Be we stock a range of regalia from the Craft Freemasons regalia (which is applicable to every mason), Royal Arch regalia, Royal Ark Mariner regalia, Mark Master Masons regalia and also Knights Templar regalia. We are confident that you will find a product that interests you.