Craft Freemasonry Regalia

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Craft Freemasonry Regalia

Craft freemasonry regalia is the most common type of regalia here in the UK, this is due to every freemason having had to do the first 3 degree’s (the craft degrees or blue degrees) prior to joining any of the appendant bodies or side orders available to them once they have done their 3rd degree. A lot of these appendant bodies also require that they remain a member of a craft lodge to be elidable to continue within their chosen appendant body / side order.

Craft Regalia for all 3 degrees.

Here at So Mote It Be we are able to offer Craft Regalia for the 1st (Entered Apprentice), 2nd (Fellow Craft) and 3rd (Master Mason) degrees. We can also supply Past Masters of Craft Freemasonry with their Worshipful Masters Aprons and Past Master Jewels.

The most popular product we sell in the Craft Regalia category is the Master Mason’s apron, it is a requirement by most lodges throughout the UK that once a member becomes a Master Mason they buy their own apron. In some cases they are also handed down to a newly made Master Mason by another member who no longer needs theirs, once they have attained the position of Worshipful Master of a lodge their apron changed from that of a Master Mason to one worn by a Past Master.

The Entered Apprentice Apron or Fellow Craft Apron are usually provided by each individual lodge for use of its members, these are provided because they are only usually needed for a number of months. Where as the Master Mason apron is used for years by members until they become the master of their on lodge. However there are some enthusiastic freemasons who buy their own 1st degree and 2nd degree aprons as they are nice things to collect and keep for posterity.

As well as aprons, we also offer craft regalia white gloves, these are available in two designs, plain and with a square and compass emblem gloves. These are both perfect for Craft Freemasonry, however if you wanted a more “universal” pair of gloves to be worn in any side order, the plain white gloves may be better for you.

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