Freemasons Regalia

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Freemasons Regalia

One of the first thing people think of when they think about Freemasonry is the regalia that the members wear. The Masonic Apron is possibly the best known piece of regalia. However there are many other items of Freemasons regalia too. Here at So Mote It Be we offer the most popular items from the main masonic orders here in the UK.

Craft Freemasons Regalia

The most frequent type of regalia in the United Kingdom is craft masonry regalia, which is due to every freemason having completed the first three degrees (the craft degrees or blue degrees) prior to joining any of the appendant bodies or side orders accessible to them after completing their third degree. Many of these ancillary bodies require that they continue to belong to a craft lodge in order to remain eligible for their chosen appendant body / side order.

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Holy Royal Arch / Chapter Regalia

The Holy Royal Arch or “Chapter” is often referred to as the final step in Freemasonry, in the past it was seen as being the 4th and final required degree that members had to progress through, and completes “pure and ancient freemasonry”.

We have a range of chapter regalia for you to browse through which includes the Companion apron, sash ad jewel set (our most popular product for Royal Arch Masons). We also offer the Royal Arch Principles regalia. All items in our regalia sets are also able to be bough individually.

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Mark Masons Regalia

Mark Masons is one of the most popular appendant bodies of Freemasonry here in the UK. Due to this we have a range of Freemasons Regalia for Mark Masons. We have a range of regalia sets available as well as individual mark master masons aprons, jewels and sashes. We also offer a range of masonic gifts for the Mark degree.

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Royal Ark Mariner (RAM) Regalia

RAM Regalia or Royal Ark Mariner regalia is also available here at So Mote It Be. The unique style and colourful designs of RAM regalia are quite different from those of the other appendant bodies / side orders. We offer the Royal Ark Mariner members aprons as well as the WCN/PCN aprons. We also offer a range of RAM jewels and sashes should you require them.

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Knights Templar Regalia

Finally, the last category of Freemasons Regalia we have to offer is the Knights Templar. We offer a complete set of Knights Templar regalia which contains everything you will need when joining KT. Each of the items in this set are also available to buy individually.

We also have a range of Knight Templar regalia cases and sword cases available to buy.

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Regalia Cases

Once you have your masonic regalia, you would want to keep it in top condition. Here at So Mote It Be we have a range of Masonic Regalia Cases that are perfect for protecting your freemasons regalia once you have purchased it.

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