Masonic Books & Publications

Masonic Books & Publications

For those people interested in learning more about freemasonry, the history of the organisation and what we stand for, books can be a good source of information. However the freemasons books listed here are intended for use by members of the organisation. for those newly initiated freemasons wishing to gain a deeper understanding of what freemasonry is and wishing to “make their daily advancement” we have a range of freemasons books for you!

Most of the masonic books we list here are approved by UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) and appear on their “reading list”, these books have been carefully chosen specifically for those interested in joining Freemasonry or those who have already started out on their own journey within the organisation.

These freemasons books offer insight into the long history of freemasonry, masonic ritual, symbolism and other areas of interest.

These UGLE approved books can be filtered using our product filters feature on this page.

Masonic Ritual Books

We also offer a range of masonic ritual books for members of the organisation who have recently joined, or those wishing to buy an updated copy. There are also some lodges who would buy these ritual books for their new members on their initiation day.

It is important to buy the specific ritual book for the degree you are a member of, as not to spoil the experience in going through subsequent degrees. We would advise you to hold off from buying ritual books that aren’t specific to your degree.

Another important note when buying masonic ritual books is that you first need to find out which set of “workings” your lodge uses. These workings are different versions of masonic ritual, where slight variations in the written text appear. The most common ritual being used in the UK is Emulation Ritual, but there are others such as Nigerian, Universal, Oxford, Sussex, and Taylors for example… Please find out which your lodge uses prior to purchasing, if in doubt ask your director of ceremonies.

Ideal For Masonic Research

These freemasons books listed here are perfect for masonic research, they are factual and based on reality. There are many sources of information online which quite frankly are full of useless and incorrect information, a word of warning when researching into freemasonry, always be careful what you read, especially online!