Masonic Clothing

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Masonic Clothing

Traditionally the image of a Freemason is a gentleman in a dark / black business suit. Smartly dressed with black shoes, black tie and a crisp white shirt. Coupled with the masonic regalia case he looks like a typical business man found in any major city in the UK.

However there is more to masonic clothing than meets the eye. Over the years, Freemasons have adopted a dress code for their ceremonies and events. This dress code is common throughout the majority of the world, with exception to hotter countries where the dress code is different. American lodges tend to not have much of a dress code other than the wearing of masonic aprons, you could turn up in a t-shirt and denim jeans if you wish… Suffice to say this is not acceptable here in the UK.

White gloves

White gloves are commonly worn at all Masonic meetings (except in America where white gloves is rarely used). These white gloves are full of masonic symbology and meaning. One explanation of why freemason clothing includes white gloves it that whilst early lodges were made up of workers and craftsmen, they also began to include “upper class” and “professional gentlemen”, these gloves were to symbolise that ever man is equal within the lodge, and the hands of a worker or craftsman tended to be rough and full of calluses, where the hands of the upper classes were smooth and perfect. These gloves helped to cover up these differences, making every man equal.

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The Dark Suit

Accepted here in the UK as the main dress code for all freemasons clothing, whether they are a member of Craft Freemasonry (the first, three degrees) or a member of one of the many different appendant bodies (Royal Arch, Mark Masons, Royal Ark Mariners etc…).

The suit should ideally be black in colour, but dark blue’s are also acceptable. But they shouldn’t be heavily pin striped, a plain dark suit is perfect.

Waistcoats may also be worn, but these like the rest of the suit must be dark black or blue.

The Black Tie

The standard tie when talking about masonic clothing is the black tie, it should be plain and simple, not patterned. We offer a range of black neck ties and also bow ties which are suitable. Most provinces in the UK also have their own “Provincial Tie” which helps to identify which masonic province you are a part of. There are also ties available for each of the different appendant bodies, these also serve to display which of these bodies a mason is the member of.

Black Shoes

Masonic Shoes should be black in colour, and be business shoes rather than trainers. They should be smart and always kept clean and polished. We have a few examples of the perfect type of shoe for part of your masonic clothing.

Long Tailed Masonic Jackets

These are your typical “wedding” jacket, they should also be black in colour. However these jackets tend to only be work by past masters of the lodge or by provincial officers. They should not be worn by freemasons who have not yet been a master of a lodge.

Pin Striped Trousers or “Greys”

These trousers like the long tail jacket are your typical “wedding” type trousers. They are usually pinstriped, and a dark grey in colour. These again are only really worn by past masters of the lodge and provincial officers. These are not worn by freemasons who haven’t yet been the master of a lodge. Entered Apprentices and Fellow Craft masons should never wear these trousers… or face a serious round of tutting from the older brethren.


Here in the UK freemasons tend not to wear any kind of hat (some appendant bodies have hats as part of their specific regalia). In some countries part of a freemasons clothing can include a top hat or bowler hat. Here in the UK these were commonplace in the 19th and early 20th century, but are no longer commonly seen.

Masonic Clothing Accessories

As well as the trousers and dark suits we have available on this website we also have a few clothing accessories available to buy. These include tie pins, cuff links, belts and trouser braces.

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