Masonic Gifts

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Masonic Gifts

Here in the UK the “gift market” is one of the biggest online retail sectors, generating huge sums of money. The masonic gifts niche is also one of the biggest with regards to revenues of all freemasonry products in retail stores and online shops.

Gifts for freemasons are perfect for people looking to buy something memorable for a freemason within their family or for other freemasons looking for that special item for another brother.

By far the most common gift for a freemason would be masonic cufflinks or pin badges, we have a wide range of each of these and are confident that there is something perfect for every freemason.

Following the Corona Virus pandemic and the health and safety of each of the members being of the utmost importance we have added a selection of masonic face masks to our catalogue. These are perfect gifts for freemasons as they can be worn within the lodge room and also out and about in public, they signify that the wearer is a member of our beautiful fraternity, every proud mason would love these face masks!

Masonic glasses, we offer a range of different styles of drinking glasses, from beer tankards to masonic whisky tumblers. Each of these can be engraved by our suppliers to your requirements, usually a Brother’s name or Lodge name and number. We also offer masonic firing glasses, these are used at some lodges (but not all) as part of the festive board (the meal after the masonic meeting).

Other masonic gifts which we have on offer are keyrings, tie slides, pocket watches, belts and bookmarks. We are confident that whatever you are looking for whether a birthday gift, Christmas present or simply as a gift for a freemason we have something every freemason would love and treasure.