Masonic Jewels

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Masonic Jewels

With any Freemason regalia there are specific meanings and symbolism associated with Masonic Jewels, to the uninitiated they appear to be “masonic medals”, similar to military medals, this isn’t quite accurate. In Freemasonry these medals are called “Jewels”, each has a special meaning associated with it. Unlike what you would traditionally think jewellery to be made of, masonic jewels are not made of precious metals or gemstones, but rather silver plated steel or brass, at least with regards to modern Freemasons Jewels, some of the older examples could have been made with silver.

Jewels have been a part of Freemasonry for hundreds if not thousands of years, Masonic jewellery is not made for the purpose of adornment, Masonic Jewels are worn only by Masonic Lodge Officers and Past Masters in Masonic Lodges to signify their rank within the organisation, in a similar way to the specific Masonic Apron they wear.

Each of the appendant bodies within UK Freemasonry also have their own individual Jewels, members wear these to signify that they are a member of a certain appendant body. The Holy Royal Arch for example has various different Masonic Jewels, the first being the “Companion Jewel” which all Royal Arch Masons wear as part of their regalia. There is also the “Royal Arch Principles Jewel” and the “Provincial Brest Jewel” for those who have attained a rank within their Provincial Grand Chapter.

As well as Masonic Jewels which should be worn as part of a members regalia there are also various specialist jewels, the “Founders Jewel” for example is very special, only Freemasons who were part of forming a brand new lodge are eligible to wear one.

There are also “Charity Festival Jewels”, these are worn by members who have given a certain amount of money to any given charity.

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