Regalia Cases

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Regalia Cases

Using a regalia case for keeping your Masonic Regalia in good condition is essential for keeping it looking good. Masonic Aprons should be kept clean and dust free, they should also where possible be stored flat. The best way to do this is to store your apron within a Masonic Regalia Case.

These are one of the images of the Freemasons which the general public can relate to, the “freemasons briefcase” is actually not for storing documents and paperwork but instead it is used for storing a Freemasons Apron, keeping it flat and out of sight.

Here at So Mote It Be we offer a range of different Regalia Cases, the most common being the Standard size hard masonic case. We also offer extra large regalia cases specifically for storing “provincial aprons” as these tend to be slightly larger than the standard freemasons aprons (EA, FC & MM).

Modern cases tend to be made from Faux Leather (PVC Leather) rather than the traditional real leather cases, these are much more expensive and for the New Freemason they might not be cost effective to buy a real leather case. However as regalia cases can last a lifetime if properly looked after you might want to invest in one.

Half Regalia Cases

A variation on our full size hard cases are our “half regalia cases“, these are essentially half the size of a standard case, aprons will need for be folded in half to fit them into this size case. If you don’t mind folding your apron carefully in half then these could be a great option for you as they are easy to store away at home due to their smaller dimensions.

Soft Regalia Cases

As well as the hard regalia cases we also have a range of soft cases, these are often a cheaper alternative to the hard cases, they also look more like a “laptop bag” rather than a business mans briefcase. So if you are looking for a case with a more modern look then one of the soft regalia cases may be the best option for you. Soft regalia cases also come in the standard size or the extra large provincial apron size.

Knight’s Templar Regalia Cases

Due the to differences in the regalia for the Knights Templar freemasons we also provide a range of specialist cases, perfectly designed for storing your KT regalia. We have hard versions of the KT regalia cases as well as soft versions for you to choose from. We also offer a range of “sword cases” for storing your ceremonial KT swords.

We are confident that you will find the perfect regalia case for your requirements, please browse through our products and buy directly from our suppliers.