Masonic Ties & Bow Ties

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Masonic Ties & Bow Ties

Neck ties are always worn by freemasons in the UK whilst in lodge, they are usually plain black without a pattern, however most masonic provinces have their own ties available to buy.

There are various masonic themed ties available, these are available to buy online from our partner websites. We offer a range of ties and bow ties for freemasons who are looking for something more interesting than the simple black tie.

These ties aren’t usually to be worn within the lodge as Masonic etiquette dictates that the tie a freemason wears should be black in colour, or their own provincial tie.

Bow ties are more commonly worn in American lodges where the dress code is slightly different to the UK freemasons lodges.

Bow ties are perfect for wearing to masonic functions, white table dinners or black tie events such as lodge “ladies nights”.

If you are looking for a masonic themed neck tie or bow tie then please browse through our products.