Royal Arch Regalia (Chapter)

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Royal Arch Regalia (Chapter)

Royal Arch Freemasonry is considered the “4th step” a mason might take in their journey through Freemasonry. Once a mason has passed through the first 3 degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason) He or She is eligible to join the masonic order called The Holy Royal Arch.

Royal Arch Freemasons are distinguishable by the Royal Arch Regalia they wear, more decorative than Craft Freemasonry’s regalia, the Royal Arch features a more colourful apron, a sash and a breast jewel (similar in appearance to a military medal).

To be able to join the order of The Holy Royal arch, a Freemason must have been a Master Mason (3rd degree) for at least 4 weeks prior to their exaltation into The Royal Arch. Once joined they are referred to as a “companion” rather than a “brother” as with the Craft Degrees.

As Craft Freemasonry is organised into Lodges, The Royal Arch is organised into “chapters”, and the Royal Arch is also referred to as “Chapter” for this reason.

Here at So Mote It Be we offer a range of Royal Arch Regalia to buy online, including various products, but primarily the first thing Royal Arch masons will need to buy is the Royal Arch Apron, Sash and Breast Jewel. We offer a Royal Arch Regalia set which contains all of these items.

Additional products which a member of the Royal Arch may wish to buy include the Royal Arch Tie and also a pair of Royal Arch White Gloves, although these are optional.

As a member there are two specific ranks within the Royal Arch, Companion and Principle, each of these ranks has a slightly different breast jewel. The companions jewel features a white ribbon whereas the principles jewel features a dark red ribbon. If you progress through the Royal Arch to become an officer within your local province there is also a Royal Arch Provincial breast jewel available. As well as a different breast jewel, Companions and Principles also have a slightly different apron, like the jewel, the Companions apron features white ribbons whereas the Principles Apron features the same dark red ribbons as their breast jewel.

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